Energy Services, Inc. (ESI) was founded in 1974 by two visionary engineers to address the emerging need for turnkey installations of aero derivative gas turbine power plants. In 2001 ESI was acquired by United Technologies Corporation; and recently, in May 2013, by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Since its inception, ESI has grown into a comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm with a nucleus of some forty professionals in the disciplines fundamental to gas and steam turbine electric power generation. Our key staff of professionals have gained practical experience via hands-on design, engineering, and installation of simple and combined cycle projects, as well as management of various types of power plants.

With the financial backing of a large corporation and the flexibility of a small company, ESI continues to provide EPCM services to a wide range of customers and OEM's in the global power generation markets. The versatility inherent in our size, our wealth of experience and vigor enables us to deliver a quality value proposition under a variety of contractual arrangements. Our projects range from design, installation and commissioning of a complete generating plant; to re-powering with newer technology to improve plant efficiency; to plant reliability and maintenance responsibility on the back end of a project.

We trust the information provided in these pages will illustrate that over the years ESI remains at the leading edge of modern power generation technologies, and is uniquely qualified to handle any aspect of your gas turbine project.

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